Monday, 1 December 2014

Big Splash!

Rejoice! It is as if Christmas is coming. Santa Osborne has been rummaging in his sack and has pulled out a shit load of roads. But we at Bum Splash don't feel this does enough for the Hard Pressed Motorist™. So here are some essential schemes we believe need funding yesterday if the Government is to End the War on the Motorist™:

    • M9 Far North Extension. Never mind that almost no-one lives north of Inverness. How is this country supposed to be great until you can drive on Blue signed roads from end to end? Surely what this landscape is crying out for is four wide lanes of traffic, two hard shoulders and a central reservation?
    • Solent Bridge. Some people suggest that a road and rail tunnel to connect the Isle of Wight to the mainland is a good idea. We at #bumsplash don't want to see roads hidden like this, and suggest that a bridge is the way forward. The Solent Bridge would be an Iconic™ structure acting as a Gateway™ to the UK for those arriving by ferry and a Landmark™ for those arriving at nearby Southampton Airport.
    • London Ringways. At #bumsplash we still hold a candle for the abandoned London Ringways project. That we have been denied the full glory of the massive Camden Interchange is one of the great crimes of the 20th Century. The prospect of pushing motorways through south London still excites us- and with TfL determined to build a bridge in East London, who knows, maybe this is back on the cards?